What is Normal Paranormal?

A complete and utter waste of your time. Unless of course, you’re just as crazy as I am and haven’t the faintest as to what the phenomenon is, or isn’t.

Normal Paranormal originally began as a collaborative effort in 2009 to look into various claims of purported high strangeness. Since then, it has evolved into more of a thought-provoking and ongoing discussion run by me—independent investigator, researcher and writer Justin Bamforth—as a way to collect and present information in all facets of Fortean phenomena.

As I chronicle my journey into the unknown and take you, the reader along for the ride, you will get a feel for just how puzzling and bizarre this research lunacy can be. Though this site may not have any of the answers you’re looking for, I hope that it at least gets you to ask the right questions.

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